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On behalf of the Pennington County Democrats and myself, I thank you for all you have done for the South Dakota Democratic Party. Every effort was appreciated, whether it was running for office or volunteering to help the candidates. You sacrificed precious time, energy and personal finances in the hope of making a difference by offering an alternative to the single party system in South Dakota. Regrettably, your hard work and efforts were not recognized by the majority. Obviously, the voters made the decision to reject the opportunity to make change a reality.
I struggle to make sense of the dialogue advocating for change and limiting incumbency, and then reelecting the same candidates or those who are like minded. The number of initiatives, referendums and proposed Constitutional Amendments, and subsequent adoption of some of these changes further supports the need for more than single party rule in South Dakota.
I cannot imagine how disappointed you may feel, but I hope the experience was not so severe as to discourage you from volunteering with the Pennington County Democratic Party or seeking an elected office in the immediate future. I look forward to continuing our relationship and holding the majority party accountable.
Gratefully Yours and Proud to be a Democrat,

Leon Fenhaus, Chairman Pennington County Democrats