“It’s Election Season – One Way to Get Involved!”

Election season is here! Candidates are ordering yard signs and door hangers, crafting stump speeches, and starting to go door-to-door.

They are also trying to raise money.

We, as a party, intended to host a fundraiser for local candidates in June, but lost our venue. Although we could host one in August, we are concerned about competing with the very candidates we want to help.
Instead, we are asking you, in this year of massive Republican overreach, where election results will mean much for America’s – and South Dakota’s – future, to dig deep into your pockets and send as many and as big checks as you can to our statewide and local candidates.

Nothing could be more important this year!

If there’s a chance for Democrats to win, we must ALL help! First, we must do two things:
1. Contribute – time, energy and MONEY, and
2. VOTE!

Here is contact information for our statewide and Pennington County candidates. They ALL need your help, so please, once again, dig deep and help them fund their campaigns. Write those checks today!

US House of Representatives:
Tim Bjorkman
PO Box 201
Canistota, SD 57012

Governor & Lieutenant Governor:
Billie Sutton and Michelle Lavallee
919 Franklin Street
Burke, SD 57523

Below are the names and addresses of the Democratic candidates representing Pennington County in this year’s legislative races.
If you’d like to contribute to your district’s candidates but aren’t sure which district you live in, go to the link below, and enter your address.
If you live in or near Rapid City, you will likely be in District 30 or Districts 32-35.

SD Senate:

State Senator
Red Dawn Foster – District 27
PO Box 165, Pine Ridge SD 57770

State Senator
Kristine Ina Winter – District 30
PO Box 643, Hot Springs SD 57747

State Senator
Ayla Rodriguez – District 32
3009 Lynnwood Ave, Rapid City SD 57701

State Senator
Ryan A. Ryder – District 33
PO Box 8030, Rapid City SD 57709

State Senator
Zach VanWyk – District 34
2205 Central Blvd, Rapid City SD 57702-4214

Patricia Cromwell – District 35                                                                                                                                                          5432 Williams St, Rapid City, SD 57703

SD House of Representatives:

State Representative
Peri Pourier – District 27
PO Box 3041 Pine Ridge SD 57770

State Representative
Margaret Ross – District 27
HC 49 Box 242E, Porcupine SD 57772

State Representative
Karen McGregor – District 30
PO Box 8156, Rapid City SD 57709

State Representative
Whitney Raver – District 30
25370 S. Lightning Creek Rd. Custer SD, 57730

State Representative
Susan Kelts – District 32
130 E Centennial St, Rapid City, SD 57701

State Representative
Bill Knight – District 32
1006 1/2 Columbus St, Rapid City SD 57701

State Representative
Lilias Jarding – District 33
418 N. 44th St, Rapid City SD 57702

State Representative
George J. Nelson – District 34
2640 Jackson Blvd Suite 1, Rapid City SD 57709

State Representative
Michael T. Hanson – District 35
639 Northern Lights Blvd # 3105, Box Elder SD 57719

State Representative
Bo Sistak – District 35
2904 S Valley Dr, Rapid City SD 57703-5941

In addition, there are two races for Pennington County Commission.
For a map of the district, go here: https://www.pennco.org/index.asp?SEC=8C2E94B9-4EFF-4810-85D1-ACF7ACC317A0&Type=B_BASIC.

Pennington County Commission:
County Commissioner
Keryn Rowland – Pennington-1
13453 Sienna Meadows Ln, Rapid City SD 57702

Pennington County Commissioner
Nicole Heenan – District 5
925 9th St. Apt 3, Rapid City,SD 57701

Thanks to all who send contributions to our candidates. They need your help!

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